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Trainee Welfare

We work in a deeply rewarding, but challenging field of medicine, often exposed to extremes of emotions. We also face challenges relating to our work environment (work-load, rota gaps and the risk of fatigue relating to shift work). In addition to this, as trainees we also have to factor in studying for MRCPCH exams and rotating between different hospitals (although these challenges are certainly not unique to Paediatrics).


An important part of training is learning how to look after ourselves and find a balance.

The West Midlands School of Paediatrics is keen to support trainees. There is now a Trainee Welfare Representative on the Trainee Committee, who can be contacted directly via this website, or through the Trainee Committee email address.

This page contains information regarding support available to Paediatric trainees, with links to guide you towards further reading about trainee welfare, sleep and exception reporting. We hope you find it useful; if there's anything else you'd like to see on this page, let us know!

Who can you approach for Advice / Support?

  • Educational Supervisor


RCPCH leads:

Useful Wellbeing-related Links (for trainees and College Tutors)

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BMA links

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