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West Midlands Paediatric
Training Programme Directors (TPDs)

Training Programme Directors:
  • Head of School: Dr Alex Philpott

  • Deputy head of school: Dr Matt Cawsey

  • ST1-4 TPD -  Dr Julia Uffindell

  • ST5-7 TPD - Dr Sarah Ellis

  • Assessments TPD- Dr Sarah Ellis

  • Less Than Full Time TPD - Dr Bridget Wilson

  • Careers TPD - Dr Ratna Kumar

  • Progress + TPD - Dr Anand Kanani

  • Progression TPD - Dr Lucy Green

  • Differential Attainment TPD - Dr Intikhab Zafarullah (Zaf)

  • Trainee Welfare TPD (ST1-8) - Dr Vikranth Venugopalan​

  • Teaching TPD - Dr Penny Broggio

  • Neonatal teaching TPD- Dr Harsha Gowda

  • General Simulation TPD - Dr Annabel Copeman

  • Neonatal Simulation TPD- Dr Matthew Nash

  • Quality Assurance TPD- Dr Sagarika Ray 

  • Digital Learning TPD- Dr Narasimha Rao

Meet the TPDs
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