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Regional Teaching

Paediatric trainees in the West Midlands are very lucky to have protected regional teaching throughout the training programme:

  • ST1-5 teaching occurs on a monthly basis (held on different days of the month; see below)

  • ST6-8 teaching occurs approximately four times per year. 

This teaching is consistently evaluated highly and is always improving - trainees are involved in the design and format of teaching throughout ST1-8 and the Consultants leading the individual teaching days are constantly making improvements based on the last year's feedback.



Date of Teaching depending on Training level:

  • ST1 Paediatrics: 4th Wednesday of the month

  • ST1 Neonates: 2nd Wednesday of the month

  • ST2: 1st Wednesday of the month (except March and September due to change over)

  • ST3: 1st Wednesday of the month (except March and September due to change over)

  • ST4 & 5: 3rd Wednesday of the month (combined teaching)

  • ST6-8: 5th Wednesday of the month (combined teaching)

  • ST4-8: Combined teaching twice a year - 3rd Wednesday of each March and September


Community Trainee Teaching Sessions 2021/22


In addition to regional teaching there are 3 community-specific regional teaching days; these are held for: 


  • ST4-5 trainees currently working in a Community post.

  • All ST6-8 Community trainees.  

You should receive an email in advance, informing you of the session, by Ruth Witcombe/Chris Haskins - you MUST reply to this email to confirm your intention to attend.  The programme and links (if virtual) will then be sent out closer the event.

Dates pending

Teaching Resources:


We have some great resources from some recent regional teaching sessions, which can be found below - we hope you find them useful! 


The links are password protected; please contact us for this password (via the website, or the Trainee Committee email address). Please note that shortly resources will be uploaded to the PGVLE. 


Additional Resources



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