Less Than Full Time Training

Many West Midlands Paediatric trainees will, at some point, decide to become Less Than Full Time; the reasons for training LTFT are varied and specific to the individual (see information about eligibility criteria below).
We hope you find the following information about LTFT training useful; if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact the LTFT Trainee Representatives via the website or through westmidlandspaediatrics@gmail.com, and they will endeavour to help you.

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Frequently Asked Questions

No, really, does it hurt?

Relax, there is minimal to no pain! The exception is if someone is taking topical hormones; this increases the sensitivity to the needle placement.

How does it work?

Our patent pending process utilizes small acupuncture needles and a heat source to liquefy your targeted fat.

Will I see immediate results?

Yes! And you'll even continue to see effects over the next 24-48 hours!

What can I treat?

We currently can treat your chin, cheeks, arms, belly, love handles, cellulite on thighs, and buttocks.

How much could I lose per session?

Results depend on the pliability of the adipose tissue and hydration level, as well as fitness level. Typical results are around 5 inches but we have seen as much as 19 inches in a session.

How many sessions are required?

Most people will book up to 6 sessions. After this point we find that people will return for touch ups as needed.

Where are you located?

We currently have 9 locations - Cool Springs, Gallatin, Mount Juliet, Murfreesboro, Downtown Nashville, Goodlettsville, Smyrna, Spring Hill,and Diamondhead Mississippi. We also have concierge services for home visits by appointment only.

Is there an age limit?

You must be 18 or older.

Is it ok to exercise afterwards?

Yes, but be sure to drink plenty of water.

Is it safe?

Yes! And we are fully insured with a medical doctor. We also continually test new techniques to improve the process, and are even working with engineers to improve our devices in order to achieve maximum results.

How did you discover this process?

We noticed that despite our level of exercise, we still had belly fat. We also noticed that it didn't actually sweat, so we attempted to devise an external sweating response to shrink fatty areas, and it worked!

Who is this best for?

This is for someone who is already health conscious, working out and watching their diet, but with problem areas.

How much does it cost?

Visit your location of choice on the LOCATION page for services and pricing details.

Feedback or questions

For any feedback on this site or ongoing questions, let us know

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