Return to Training

Trainees may wish to take time out of training for reasons including Parental / Maternity Leave, Out of Programme Research (OOPR), Out of Programme for Career Break (OOPC) and planned sick leave (e.g. major surgery)

The West Midlands are keen to ensure that trainees are clinically confident and fully supported when returning to clinical practice and do so with the Supported Return to Training program(SuppoRTT). This enables trainees to document any plans to stay up to date with training whilst away from practice and also identify any anticipated support required upon their return.

See the FAQs below for some further information on the process, which includes the relevant forms that should be completed. Important links and documents are also at the bottom of the page. 

In addition, further information can be found on the HEE WM SuppoRTT web pages

If you are returning during/ post the COVID pandemic, please see our web page on this topic where there are lots of further links on the processes and support available

Frequently asked questions

When returning to work, what is the procedure? Which forms do I need to fill in?

All forms should be uploaded by the Trainee to their ePortfolio and a copy submitted by the TPD or College Tutor to:

Are there any support courses offered locally for trainees returning to work?

All trainees returning from an absence of 3 months or more are offered a Return to Practice Simulation Day before March and September changeover dates. These are organised by Dr Annabel Copeman and Dr Matt Nash, TPDs for Simulation. For trainees returning out of sync with the changeover dates, individualised support including possible simulation-based scenario training should be discussed with the prospective Ed Supervisor at the Return to Practice meeting A number of Return to Clinical Practice days are also organised centrally for returning trainees to attend. The courses will be listed on the HEWM suppoRTT website for the Trainee to register their place. Topics covered will include:  Wellbeing
 Human Factors
 Resilience
 Mentoring
 Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training workshops

What about KIT (Keeping in Touch) days?

Yes. For trainees taking maternity leave, Keeping in Touch (KIT) days may be used to attend relevant training courses, regional teaching or departmental meetings. Similarly for trainees taking shared parental leave, Shared Parental Leave in Touch (SPLIT) days may be utilised in the same way. A small amount of funding may be made available to reimburse childcare costs incurred whilst attending KIT or SPLIT days. To apply for funding the following form should be completed and must be returned by your ES/TPD/College Tutor to Form 4 Request for funding approval

What extra support will I have on returning to clinical practise?

  • In order to rapidly regain clinical knowledge and confidence, doctors returning to training following a sustained period of absence will be strongly encouraged to participate in a period of enhanced supervision.
  • It is expected that the doctor will be supernumerary for 2 weeks full time equivalent on their return. Trainees will need to negotiate this with HR/rota coordinator and their Educational Supervisor/College Tutor at least 3 months prior to their return date.

How can I get extra information or support?

Lots more information on the SuppoRTT process can be found on the HEE WM website: Further information or support can be obtained by emailing the HEE WM SuppoRTT mailbox: Further guidance and tools for paediatricians returning to practice can be found on the RCPCH college website;

Is there anything I need to do prior to taking time out of training?

Yes. Trainee should complete Form 1- Planning your time away from training with their Educational Supervisor prior to going OOP, and a copy should be emailed to their TPD. This should include their date of return as well as any changes to work pattern (e.g. LTFT).

Is there any funding available for trainees returning to training?

Supernumerary period:​​​​​​​ Trainees will be paid basic salary for any work undertaken during this period via the usual pay mechanisms at their employing Trust It is anticipated that most departments will be able to support this however if this is not possible there will be some funding available to facilitate this. Form 4 Request for funding approval Should be completed by the TPD/college tutor and sent to your employing trust. The money will be re-imbursed to the trust by HEE WM Bespoke training Attending pre-existing local/regional courses is the preferred method for re-developing competence and confidence, however, if there are no suitable local/regional courses available there may be a small amount of funding available for returners to attend external courses. Form 4 Request for funding approval should be completed by the TPD or CT, after discussion and agreement with the trainee.It should then submitted to the Local Postgraduate Team for reimbursement with evidence of payments and attendance. Trainees should claim approved funding for external courses, including standard class travel costs, via their employing Trust’s usual expenses process. The trust will be re-imbursed.

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Dr Sailesh Sankar - SuppoRTT Associate Dean

Doreen Davis - Professional Support and Wellbeing Manager

Sam Turley - Return to Training Officer 

Ceri Chadwick - SuppoRTT Clinical Fellow


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