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Return to Training

Trainees may wish to take time out of training for reasons including Parental / Maternity Leave, Out of Programme Research (OOPR), Out of Programme for Career Break (OOPC) and planned sick leave (e.g. major surgery)

The West Midlands are keen to ensure that trainees are clinically confident and fully supported when returning to clinical practice and do so with the Supported Return to Training program(SuppoRTT). This enables trainees to document any plans to stay up to date with training whilst away from practice and also identify any anticipated support required upon their return.

See the FAQs below for some further information on the process, which includes the relevant forms that should be completed. Important links and documents are also at the bottom of the page. 

In addition, further information can be found on the HEE WM SuppoRTT web pages

If you are returning during/ post the COVID pandemic, please see our web page on this topic where there are lots of further links on the processes and support available

Important Documents and Links



Dr Sailesh Sankar - SuppoRTT Associate Dean

Doreen Davis - Professional Support and Wellbeing Manager

Sam Turley - Return to Training Officer 

Ceri Chadwick - SuppoRTT Clinical Fellow


To contact us please email  or call 0121 695 2402

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