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You said....We did!

Trainee Committee achievements so far 

  1. ARCP Checklist

    • Creation of the checklist initially​​​

    • Rewritten in 2018-19 to reflect the new RCPCH Progress Curriculum and national guidelines

      • This has led to a clearer and more streamlined​ process of what is needed to gain an outcome 1 at ARCP, and also to demonstrate learning and progress against the new curriculum.

      • It has set a benchmark for trainees and trainers to understand what is required at a stressful time, aiming to reduce the inconsistency that was felt to be encountered each year by trainees

      • So far this has attracted a lot of positive feedback from trainees familiar with the multiple systems over the past few years but we will be reviewing it annually

    • Rewritten each academic year to reflect further regional or national changes​ 

    • Development of Academic ARCP checklist

    • OOPE ARCP checklist and Educational Supervisor form is now available for 2021-22

  2. Creation of the trainee website

    • A central place that is up-to-date with latest information for trainees on a range of topics, frequently asked questions and HEE information. ​​

    • Useful forms for trainees available to download at any time

    • Teaching session content will now be available after mandatory teaching days on PGVLE

  3. Addressing trainee concerns

    • Where trainees from a common hospital have contacted us with concerns either about training, admin, rotas or other, we have been able to pass these along where appropriate to the TPDs responsible. This has led to some quality assurance visits to trusts and processes being reviewed to ensure they comply with national guidance and best practice. ​We maintain a close relationship with the Head of School and work together to represent the trainee cohort. 

  4. List of rota co-ordinator contact details

    • We have accumulated to the best of our knowledge the details of the rota co-ordinators at each hospital to allow trainees to contact the right person when new placements are released, rather than waiting or having to ask colleagues before finally finding the right person and their email address.

  5. Trainee newsletter contribution

    • As part of the West Midlands Paediatric Newsletter we have a trainee section which we write each month and aim to deliver key messages needed by trainees at that time.

  6. Welcome to Paediatrics! Induction morning
    • In conjunction with the Level 1 Teaching Committee, we have established a trainee-led ST1 induction (since 2018), which has been consistently well evaluated. During the session, we:
      • Deliver essential information relating to Paediatric training in the West Midlands.
      • Discuss practical advice relating to Kaizen and ARCP.
      • Inform trainees about exciting educational opportunities available to trainees in the West Midlands (OOPE/ Clinical and Simulation Fellow roles/ Academic training)! 
      • Reflect on potential challenges faced during training and think about ways to manage these, including sign-posting to the different avenues of support available to trainees in the region.
  7. LEAP into Leadership Training Day
    •  To support the transition into a paediatric registrar role an educational day was created with top tips and presentations from existing West Midlands paediatric registrars (since 2020). This resource has received excellent feedback and will continue to be supported by the School of Paediatrics.   
  8. Promotion of West Midlands Paediatric Training through twitter and national conferences such as RCPCH (poster presentation 2020)
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