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Paediatric simulation within the West Midlands

We have fantastic Paediatric simulation facilities in the West Midlands, supported by our simulation faculty:

TPD for Paediatric Simulation: Dr Annabel Copeman.

TPD for Neonatal Simulation: Dr Matt Nash.

Paediatric Simulation Fellows: Emma Brazier & Kirsten Brown

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Neonatal Simulation Fellow: Chrissy Trigg and Ahmed Mohamed

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Previous Sim Fellows include: Cat Beatty, Shosh Layman, Hannah Coakley, Jess Groucutt, Dumebi Mbeledogu, Diana Aguirre, Lucine Nahabedian, Seb Brown, Ash Patel, Sarah Williamson, Izzy Fullwood, Ash Holt, Su Elliott & Alison Belfitt; to find out more about these Sim Fellow roles, click here

Simulation training is embedded within our regional teaching programme (many paediatric and neonatal departments include simulation scenarios as part of departmental teaching too). There are also a wide range of stand-alone simulation courses available to West Midlands Paediatric Trainees, targeted at different levels of training (click on the course link to find out further information about each simulation day):

ST1: Neonatal clinical skills day

ST1: Paediatric clinical skills day

ST1+: Paediatric international medical graduate course (IMG)

ST1+: UPDATES sim course (Updating paediatric doctors about recent topics and events through simulation)

ST1+: SHINE course (neonatal emergencies)

ST2-3: STEPS course (transition to middle grade)

ST3+: ABC in CAMHS course (acute behavioural crises)

ST3+: SUDIC course

ST4+: PalSim course (paediatric palliative care)

ST4+: Neo-Com-S (Neonatal Communication Training through Simulation)

ST4+: SPARKLE (previously advanced shine)

ST4+: Neonatal Palliative Care


Dates for Paediatric simulation courses are available on the Eventbrite page

(along with booking details):

You can also follow the Paediatric Simulation team on Twitter:


Dates for neonatal simulation courses are available through the Eventbrite pages (along with booking details): 

All simulation courses (both paediatric and neonatal) are advertised in the monthly newsletter too. 

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