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(part of your regional teaching programme)

CBL in Brief:

These sessions are part of your regional teaching days and help develop a range of skills not possible in traditional "lecture" format. You need to....

  1. Have a device with a reliable internet connection ready

  2. Get stuck in and have fun!


ST3: Wed 1st December 2021

(part of the afternoon regional teaching session)


(link active on the day of session)

As part of the West Midlands Regional Teaching Programme, there are a number of Case Based Learning sessions built into the regular teaching days.  These sessions have fantastic reviews and aim to consolidate previous learning in a simulated, "real world", patient encounter.

The sessions are held online and are easy to access (you will require a reliable internet connection and at least one device through which you can join an online meeting, e.g. Zoom).  See below for more information about access and the technical requirements.

Trainees will hear about these sessions in advance through the usual channels of communications (email, this website, Facebook and Twitter).  


Why attend these sessions:

- Excellent reviews from your colleagues

"thank you so much, this was a fantastic session"

"this was an incredible session. It was really valuable to have input from so many senior clinicians"

"Excellent Facilitators"

- Consolidate existing knowledge with real life scenarios

Didactic, lecture based sessions are very important to deliver the knowledge required during paediatric training.  These sessions will encourage you to use your existing knowledge to 'treat' patients, cementing that information in a simulated clinical encounter.

- Fun and relaxed environment

The sessions are designed to give people the opportunity to discuss aspects of care in a safe learning environment.  This is not a test of your knowledge, rather, a chance to practice what you already know and to learn from your colleagues and senior team members

"Do I have to attend these sessions?"

These CBL sessions are part of the relevant Regional Teaching Day that they fall on.  Attendance at these sessions follows the same policy as attendance at other teaching days.  

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