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Paediatric Training in the West Midlands

Why become a paediatrician?​

There are so many reasons why Paediatrics is a popular and engaging discipline! 

Paediatrics combines many aspects of medicine that doctors find interesting and extremely rewarding, plus involves caring for a group of patients who never fail to entertain and surprise you. And all this happens within a fantastic (albeit occasionally challenging) work and training environment.


Paediatrics forms a relatively small proportion of the Medical School curriculum, so we understand that applying to the specialty can be daunting.  The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) offers brilliant advice for medical students and doctors aspiring to be paediatricians at various stages of their career:

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) also work with the UK Aspiring Paediatricians' Society - see their website for further information.

Why do your Paediatric training in the West Midlands?

Paediatric training in the West Midlands is consistently highly reviewed and gives trainees a positive training experience through all stages of their training. 

We have the advantage in the West Midlands of having access to nationally and internationally renowned centres specialising in a wide variety of pathology.  Patients seen here are amongst the most complex in the country and training in the region provides an opportunity to work with experts in many fields.



The West Midlands demonstrates an excellent relationship between the tertiary services available and the smaller regional hospitals in the area, enabling you to gain insight into aspects of tertiary care regardless of your placement.


The West Midlands has a broad population from a variety of different backgrounds living in both rural and urban environments.  The many regional hospitals that serve these populations see great variety in the pathology they manage; this means that trainees have a fantastic training experience.

Benefits of being a West Midlands Paediatric Trainee:

  • Monthly, protected, regional teaching


West Midlands Paediatric Trainees receive centrally-organised, protected teaching, throughout the duration of training. You can find out more about this on our Regional Teaching page. There are many opportunities to participate in arranging this programme, giving excellent management and teaching experience.

  • Excellent clarity in the ARCP requirements


Become involved with the trainee-supported work the West Midlands School of Paediatrics continues to do to improve the assessment process for West Midlands Paediatric Trainees.​

  • One of the highest proportions of Outcome 1 at ARCP in the country

  • Opportunities to participate in the organisation/ management of regional initiatives:

    • West Midlands Trainee Committee

    • West Midlands Regional Teaching Committee

    • PRAM (Paediatric Research Across the Midlands) Network

    • Promoting Paediatrics

    • Trainee Support Network (TSN)

  • Numerous GRID and SPIN specialties available within the Region, plus many fantastic general paediatric departments for those who prefer to remain generalists.

  • Opportunities to obtain further qualifications in Paediatrics, Medical Education and Research from the University of Birmingham, Keele University and Warwick University.

  • A wide variety of Out of Programme Experiences (OOPEs) including simulation and education teaching fellows, HEE fellow posts, Chief Registrar posts and many more

  • Birmingham and the surrounding areas are brilliant!

  • And more...


The Trainee Committee are always happy to talk to prospective applicants to Paediatric Training; you can contact us directly through this website, or email us on

Want to know more?

If you would like to more about Paediatric Training in the West Midlands, contact the West Midlands Trainee Committee via email.

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