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ST5+ Learning Hub

Welcome to the Leadership Hub for ST5+ trainees!


This is a new resource of sessions curated in response to the anxieties of senior trainees approaching CCT with respect to new consultant life.


We have all had ample teaching on the academic and clinical front - but what about leadership and management as a new consultant outside the shop floor? Many new consultants express regret on not knowing what they know now; they end up learning things the hard way and wishing they had a better grasp on what to anticipate soon after CCT. This is an attempt to bridge the gap during this final transition. 


This initiative contains invited consultant speakers from the Birmingham Children's Hospital in addition to speakers from the hospital management team. The aim is to empower senior trainees with planning options prior to embarking into consultant life. 

Sessions include: 

  • Leading MDTs

  • First Year as a Consultant - lessons learnt & what I wish I knew

  • Handling Complaints

  • Consultant Job Application Process 

  • Consultant Job Planning

  • A day in the life of a Consultant - Beyond the Shop floor 

  • Supporting the doctor in difficulty

  • START assessment & guidance

  • Consultant Job Plan - what is a PA and how to make a good plan?

  • Handling Professional Conflicts & Disagreements 

  • Consultant Carousel Interview Process - an overview

  • Ethical topics & dilemmas

  • Preparing Business Cases

  • Becoming an Educational Supervisor and Beyond - Pathways in Post Graduate Roles

  • Mock MDT with difficult parents

  • Supporting families and siblings of children who are extremely ill or dying

  • Integrating an academic portfolio/research interest into a consultant job - research projects and funding applications etc

  • Duty of Candour with examples from everyday practice 

  • Safeguarding dilemmas

  • Vision to Reality

  • Impact of behaviour and communication on Team Performance and Patient Outcomes

If you are a trainee who would like access to all the resources or have a topic around new consultant life that you wish to know more about, please email or

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