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The evening is open to Trainees at all stages of training who may be considering SPIN training at some point in their Paediatric Career Path and who are wanting to find out more about it.


There will be a general talk from Dr Ratna Kumar, our newly appointed TPD for GRID/SPIN/OOP, about SPIN training which will also lead into specific information for the 2023 application process and timeline.


There will be short talks from current/previous SPIN trainees who will share their experience of SPIN training in different modules.


There will be time for Q&A to the panel.

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Feb 28 | 18:30

On Zoom

Worried child
Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Yunus Tuğ
Image by Duy Pham
Image by Markus Spiske
Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Alexander Grey
Image by Danny Nee
Image by Robina Weermeijer
Image by Kenny Eliason
Injecting Epinephrine
Lungs Sketch

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