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Neonatal Careers Evening Event

21 April 2021

Join ~ 1630 - 1700h

Meeting ID: 852 5734 1529

Passcode: 03526970

Neonatal Careers Event

Open to trainees across all training grades!!

Meeting ID: 852 5734 1529

Passcode: 03526970


An informal, virtual gathering of trainees and consultants across varying neonatal roles and training backgrounds to share their experiences with anyone considering incorporating Neonatal Medicine into their own career plan.

Come equipped with questions, whether relating to how you might incorporate your own specific level of neonatal interest (however big or small) into your career, or want to learn about SPIN vs. GRID and the respective application/interview processes and what you can do to start building your CV.

Q&A session - loosely chaired

Short 3-5 min ppts:

  • - GRID vs. SPIN: What's the difference?

  • - SPIN: Trainee experience

  • - GRID: Trainee experience

  • - Consultant Opportunities for those CCT with Neonatal SPIN

  • - Applying for GRID: Shortlisting/Interview; maximising my chances and building my CV

  • - LTFT working in Neonatology (In training, and post CCT)

  • - Research and other Out of Programme Opportunities within Neonatology

Meet people with similar interests and aspirations, start networking! 

See this flyer for further information

Please do register your interest in attending by emailing to help guide numbers and don't hesitate to state anything specific you hope to get out of the evening.

I'd love to hear from anyone in Neonatal GRID or SPIN training who would like to join the panel for the Q&As, or who would like to volunteer to talk about their training experience to date (whatever stage of training)

Clinical Leadership and Management Programme

Commencing March 2021:

Runs for 20 weeks

Starting SPRING 2021! - NEW


Clinical Leadership and Management Programme

featuring Quality Improvement from the Quality Improvement Clinic

Combining e-learning with virtual workshops you will learn about leadership and management of change, putting what you learn into practice as you deliver a quality improvement project of your own. Our structured, science informed change pathway is accessible via your mobile, laptop or tablet with each tool/technique brought together in 3minuteQI® with associated worksheets.

See this flyer for further information

You can check out what we’ve said about the course here.

Watch this video from Dr. Philpott for more information!


Please note:

- This course should be discussed with your Educational Supervisor, and agreed as part of your PDP

- Study Leave Approval should be sought through the usual Study Leave Processes.

- The booking code is: WMQIP

Programme commences online 1st March for 20 weeks.

Paediatric-Genetics Developmental Disorder MDT

Recurring Event

Regular meeting where patients from the region can be submitted to be discussed


Useful for those managing genetics diagnoses (how to explain, what the implications are), signs of a possible underlying genetic cause, with some bite-sized education on genetic testing and results in these patients. 

For further information, please contact