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West Midlands

School of Paediatrics

Trainee Homepage

This website has been developed by members of the West Midlands School of Paediatrics Trainee Committee, with the aim of regularly sharing up-to-date information covering important aspects of training:

  • Essential training resources

  • Information about educational opportunities

  • Information on trainee support and welfare  

We really hope you find it a comprehensive and useful resource! We welcome all constructive feedback relating to the site and can be contacted in the following ways: 

Via the contact page on this trainee website.

Trainee Committee email address:

Trainee Committee Twitter account: @WMPaeds

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Deanery Contact Details

Faculty Support

Head of School: Dr Alex Philpott

Deputy Head of School: Dr Matt Cawsey

TPD (ST1-4): Dr Julia Uffindell

TPD (ST5-7/8): Dr Sarah Ellis

Twitter: @WMPaeds
Regular updates and events can be found - follow us on twitter

ARCP Support

ARCP Checklists and advice


Links to newsletters and updates


Updates on Progress+ and
Shape of Training 
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