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Dr Jake Mann


What is your current role?

What are your research interests?

Academic clinical lecturer in paediatric hepatology

Mechanisms of fibroinflammation in liver disease, particularly genetic / biliary disorders, using a combination of wet and dry lab techniques

How did you get started in your research career?

Small lab projects in the liver labs whilst a medical student.

Do you have any tips for trainess interested in research/an academic career?

Keep going and continue trying different kinds of research.

Focus on meaningful pieces of work, even if they take longer.

What are your career aspirations?

My current focus is to obtain an independent early career research fellowship to establish my own lab.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of academic training?

Autonomy, academically interesting, making a contribution, and forming meaningful relationships with other people passionate about work. If you enjoy the process of research, the effort investment will not feel like work. It takes a long time before you are paid to do research.

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