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West Midlands Paediatric Trainees' Committee 

Who are we?

Dedicated trainee representatives have been part of West Midlands paediatric training for over a decade. The trainee committee has expanded over the past few years, to enable greater trainee input and support to fellow trainees. We now have a committee made up of 14 trainees at any one time, with a rolling structure to build in sustainability. 

Our roles are defined, but we all work together to represent trainees and to facilitate communication between trainees and the School of Paediatrics Board members.  

We all applied for our roles, which are voluntary positions. If you see us around, feel free to say hello and give us your feedback!

What support is there?

To help support the trainee group, the Trainee Representatives aim to deliver feedback to the School of Paediatrics Board members (Head of School plus Training Programme Directors and College Tutors), in order to drive improvements in training/ trainee support, identify problems within Hospital Trusts and ensure sustainable change.

The current Trainee Representatives in post can be found below. We are all very approachable and happy to be contacted either in our own hospitals, regional teaching days or privately.

Alternatively, we can be contacted by email ( or through this website. Please use the form below to enter any feedback relating to training, including feedback about:

  • Induction

  • Training posts

  • Trainee welfare/ support (including exam support/ transition from ST3 to ST4)

  • Regional teaching

  • ARCP 

  • Ideas for improvements you'd like us to facilitate

  • Anything else you are concerned about!

All information is treated completely confidentially and will only be seen by the Trainee Representatives. We will only breach this confidentiality if we have immediate concerns of a trainees welfare significant professional concerns. We are here to represent all West Midlands trainees, but please be courteous and kind as treat us with respect. We will follow the guidance provided by the GMC in 'Good Clinical Practice'.

What have we done so far?

Please see the 'you said, we did' page of the website for information on our achievements

We also have a common set of responsibilities that we all undertake. Our responsibilities include:

  • To receive feedback from trainees we represent

  • To present this feedback to school board and relevant staff

  • To disseminate decisions and information back to trainees

  • To assist the WM School of Paediatrics in decision making by providing trainee representation and advice 

  • To participate and lead projects on a regional basis to help improve the training experience.

  • To maintain the trainee website

  • To assist the HEE WM faculty support team with the monthly newsletter

  • To assist in responding to trainee queries

  • To participate in Trainee committee meetings (held aprox 4 times per year to fit with committee members commitments, with ad hoc meetings and communications as needed)

  • To attend HEE WM School of Paediatrics board meetings where available to (held aprox 4 times a year)

Trainee Representatives:


  • Trainee Committee Co-Chairs: Dr Katherine Crombie, Dr Michelle Fleeman and Dr Qasim Malik  

  • RCPCH Regional Trainee Representative - Dr Jessica Groucutt

  • ST1-4 Trainee Representatives -  Dr Marianne Yousif, Dr Nisha Aggarwal and Dr Siddharth Mahesh

  • ST4-8 Trainee Representatives - Dr Michelle Fleeman and Dr Nikita Gulati and Dr Nonye Ezeh

  • Less Than Full Time Trainee Representatives (ST1-8) - Dr Harriet Swallow, Dr Katherine Crombie and Dr Josephine Quaynor

  • Academic Trainee Representative - Dr Joanne Stock

  • International Medical Graduates Representative - Dr Teim Eyo and Dr Zahraa Dixon

  • Trainee Welfare Representative (ST1-8) - Dr Maxx Chin​

  • Trainee Teaching Representative - Dr Rehana Dyson 

Training Programme Directors:

  • Head of School: Dr Alex Philpott

  • Deputy head of school: Dr Matt Cawsey

  • ST1-4 TPD -  Dr Julia Uffindell

  • ST5-7 TPD - Dr Sarah Ellis

  • Assessments TPD- Dr Sarah Ellis

  • Less Than Full Time TPD - Dr Bridget Wilson

  • Careers TPD - Dr Ratna Kumar

  • Progress + TPD - Dr Anand Kanani

  • Progression TPD - Dr Lucy Green

  • Differential Attainment TPD - Dr Intikhab Zafarullah (Zaf)

  • Trainee Welfare TPD (ST1-8) - Dr Vikranth Venugopalan​

  • Teaching TPD - Dr Penny Broggio

  • Neonatal teaching TPD- Dr Harsha Gowda

  • General Simulation TPD - Dr Annabel Copeman

  • Neonatal Simulation TPD- Dr Matthew Nash

  • Quality Assurance TPD- Dr Sagarika Ray 

  • Digital Learning TPD- Dr Narasimha Rao

Meet the Committee! 
Click on a trainee committee member to learn more about them...

Many thanks, we will respond as soon as possible

Trainee Rep Contact Form:

Meet the TPDs
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Want to be involved?

We are always looking for people to be involved.  If you have ideas for deanery-wide projects, ways to improve this site, you would like to be a Trainee Rep, or are keen to help in any way, then email



Trainee Reps:
This section is for the current Trainee Rep Committee and is password protected.



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