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The Curriculum

The RCPCH Curriculum has been written by the college to detail all the knowledge, skills and behaviours a Paediatrician should acquire over their training.  It is primarily there as a learning tool, but also to help record the activities you complete.  This document provides a few answers to frequently asked questions.

Why should I complete the curriculum?

The curriculum can be used as a learning tool to help inform you of the expected competences at each level of training.  You can look through these over the year to help guide your Personal Development Plan’s, identify gaps in your knowledge or weakness in skills, plan study leave or plan job rotations.

The curriculum also acts as a record of activity.  In order to show that you have engaged with the curriculum, it helps to map/tag/link things to the curriculum to demonstrate this.

Does every part of the curriculum need something to be mapped/linked/tagged?

No.  The curriculum is not an assessment tool.

You will need to show that you have engaged with the curriculum as described above and that is best achieved by tagging items to the curriculum.  There is no assessment based on a minimum amount of curriculum coverage.

What can be mapped/linked/tagged to the curriculum?

Any relevant piece of information could be used.  This might be an entry onto your Development Log (i.e. a Clinic entry, a Management entry, a Reflective Event), it could be a document in the Documents section, it could be a completed assessment (i.e. an ePaedCbD).



What curriculum should I be completing?

There are a few different curriculum that can currently be seen on Kaizen, use as follows:

Level 1 Training (ST1-3) = RCPCH Level 1 Domains and Key Capabilities


Level 2 Training (ST4-5) = RCPCH Level 2 Domains and Key Capabilities


Level 3 Training (ST6-8) = RCPCH Level 3 Domains and Key Capabilities


Level 3 Training (GRID)  = RCPCH Level 3 Domains and Key Capabilities

                                            Relevant RCPCH Sub-specialty curriculum

Do I need to write “comments” for every curriculum item?

No.  Previously, this has been another way to ‘fill in’ the curriculum and demonstrate that you have engaged with the curriculum.

You can still write “Curriculum Comments” to add supportive information to the curriculum if you want.  You may find this useful if there is one area of the curriculum that is sparse with little tagged/linked information.

If you want to write a short comment that appears on a specific bit of the curriculum, click “Create New” while on your timeline and select “Curriculum Comment” as the type of entry. 




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