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West Midlands Paediatric Trainees Committee Elections 2021

We are recruiting! 


Do you think you could speak up on behalf of your trainee colleagues? 

Do you have ideas that you think would make a difference to other trainees?

Do you want to develop your own leadership and communications skills?

Then keep reading to find out how to apply to join the West Midlands Paediatric Trainee Committee……

Positions Available

In order to prevent the entire committee changing all in one go, now that the committee is well-established, we have planned to rotate elections so that each year only half of the committee change. If you don't see a position up for election this year, don't worry - it will be next year. This also allows positions to be held for two years to really allow representatives time to settle into their roles and make meaningful plans. 


There are 5 positions available:

  • 2 x ST1-3 Trainee Representatives (you should be a current ST1 or ST2 trainee)

  • 1 x Teaching Representative

  • 1 x International Medical Graduate Representative (you should have experience of having trained outside of the UK)

  • 1 x Welfare Representative

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form by clicking on the button below.

The deadline for applications is noon on 31st August 2021


How are decisions made?

Applications are evaluated anonymously, with the highest rated application receiving the position. Jobsharing or reasonable adjustments for positions will be considered on a case by case basis - please let us know if you would like us to consider any specific requirements or adjustments.

We aim to make decisions by the 30th September 2021. 

What do I need to know about the roles?

Positions are generally awarded for a period of 2 years, although this can be flexible dependent on individual circumstances.

We hope that applicants will tell us what plans and ideas they hope to bring to the roles. Each role has some specific responsibilities for the group they represent, but all members of the trainees committee have a common set of responsibilities, including:

  • To receive feedback from trainees you represent

  • To present feedback to school board and relevant staff

  • To disseminate decisions and information back to trainees

  • To assist the WM School of Paediatrics in decision-making by providing trainee representation and advice 

  • To participate and lead projects on a regional basis to help improve the training experience.

  • To maintain the trainee website

  • To write the monthly Trainees Committee update in the HEE WM School of Paediatrics Newsletter

  • To assist in responding to trainee queries

  • To participate in Trainee Committee meetings (held approx 3-4 times per year to fit with committee members commitments, with ad-hoc meetings and communications as needed)

  • To attend HEE WM School of Paediatrics board meetings where available (held approx 4 times a year)

In addition to these common roles and responsibilities, there are some specific responsibilities too:

  • ST1-3 representatives - represent junior trainees across the region, liase with TPD for ST1-3 regarding issues relevant to junior trainees, provide advice and assistance with queries and get involved in events for junior trainees

  • Teaching representative - a new position for 2021, to liaise with members of the school board for teaching, help coordinate regional teaching reps and aid with uploading of resources

  • Welfare representative - Leads on welfare initiatives including recruitment/retention, exemption reporting and improving well-being of trainees

  • International Medical Graduate representative - represents IMG trainees, liases with the IMG network group and leads on specific IMG support resources/events

How can I find out more?

The WM Paediatric Trainees Committee are really keen to hear from anyone interested in these roles who might want to know more about the roles. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions, you can either use the 'Contact Us' feature through this website or email us at 

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