In order to access the online CBL sessions you will need an internet capable device with Zoom installed. Go to the Zoom  website to download, or go to the app store on your device.

First, make sure you book your attendance at the CBL session (click here).  You will be provided with an access code for the session.  "Join a meeting" using the code at the start time detailed in the information you will be sent after booking.

During the session you may need to access different online resources such as our online drug chart, or you may need to type responses to a question.  This can be hard if you are using a mobile phone or tablet to access the Zoom meeting as most devices require you to close the meeting to enable you to open other apps.


  • Use a laptop / desktop computer to access both the Zoom meeting, and the online resources (by having a web browser open at the same time.

  • If your laptop / desktop computer is a bit slow, consider having the Zoom meeting open on a second device (e.g. your mobile phone, or a tablet).  You can then chat to the other meeting participants using the phone / tablet, and use your computer to complete the task

"What if I get logged out of the meeting or my device breaks down?"

Just log back in when you can using the same meeting code.  The meeting chairperson will slot you back in to the right place.

"Do I have to participate in the tasks?"

These sessions rely on the participation of all to be a success.  The facilitators will certainly be welcoming and will offer constructive advice.  Previous attendees have found these sessions to be a great environment in which to practice some of the challenging aspects of various clinical scenarios.

"I have a question prior to the day?"

Simply contact the CBL session organisers Chris Hine or Izzi Fullwood


Feedback or questions

For any feedback on this site or ongoing questions, let us know

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