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You will access an online classroom through a Zoom meeting where you will meet a number of facilitators along with your fellow trainees.  Here, you will be divided in to small groups of trainees (usually 3-4 per group), with one facilitator.

The facilitators are all senior consultants who have had training in the delivery of these sessions, and they are all volunteers.  You, your small group, and the facilitator will then view some information about a clinical case.  This could be part of a medical history, a blood test result, a Xray, really, any aspect of a patients journey in hospital.  With the rest of your group, you will then discuss how you would respond to that information.

The most important aspect here is to think about what you would actually do in real life.

It is ok to not know the exact answer; these sessions will help you to develop strategies that you can use in a range of different clinical encounters.

After a discussion, you will be encouraged to commit to a decision on how you would manage this patient.  More information would then be revealed, and the patient journey continues.


  • Discuss the case amongst your colleagues; the facilitator will help guide this and answer queries if they occur

  • Keep a note of your thoughts and conversations, it may help to have a pen and paper handy

  • Complete any tasks you are set during the session.  You may be asked to do a variety of things:

Businesswoman on Phone

Discuss the case on the phone with a PICU Consultant

Filling Out Prescriptions

Prescribe a complex infusion

Mother and Baby

Explain a new diagnosis to a mother

All the sessions will start with a introduction that will explain all the details.  Be prepared to join in, have fun, and we are sure that you will find them valuable

Chris and Izzi


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